Encrypt Your Cell Phone, Today!

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As you know, more business is being conducted through mobile devices every day. As a result, more of your clients’ personal information (your client’s name, address, email, bank information, social security no., etc.) is being sent through and stored on your cell phone all the time. What you may not have realized, however, is that since this information has been sent to us as part of a business relationship, we are responsible for providing a reasonable level of protection for it. Of course, this is all the more important for your cell phone since it is mobile, and you take it with you everywhere and therefore can lose it very easily. So, with that in mind, protection of your phone is very important. The easiest thing you can do to protect a cell phone’s data is to encrypt the phone.

What encryption does is make the data on the device unreadable unless an unlock code is entered. As a result, whenever you turn off your phone, the data would be encrypted and unreadable. Whenever the phone locks, the same thing would be true. And, therefore, without the unlock code, anyone who finds or steals your phone cannot use any of the data on it. It is encrypted and therefore unreadable.  So, how do I encrypt my phone?

Well, thankfully, it is very easy, assuming you use a smart phone. Links below are printouts with instructions on how to encrypt an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy. If you use something different, just Google “how do I encrypt a [name of phone]” and you will find simple instructions. Typically, all you will need to do is access the phone’s settings and look for the security tab. In that section, you will find a tab for encryption and will be able to encrypt the phone and create the unlock code. It really is as simple as hitting a few buttons. But it will provide you and your clients with a lot of extra protection.


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